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Committee for the Comparative Study of New Nations


[Unidentified committee members, 1961]

The Committee for the Comparative Study of New Nations was formally established in 1960 by faculty from several University of Chicago social sciences departments, all of whom had an interest in the problems of developing countries.

Founding faculty members included Lloyd A. Fallers, Morris Janowitz, Manning NashMax
, and Edward Shils and Clifford Geertz (whose papers the SCRC also holds). While the membership was originally intended to be kept
relatively small, the committee more than doubled in size over the next
ten years, and included many of the university’s leading faculty in
anthropology, history, law, and education.

The committee’s records contain meeting minutes, correspondence, reports, publications, research papers, and other material documenting the committee’s activities. The collection should continue to be a resource for those interested in developing nations and post-colonial studies.

Visit the finding aid for the collection to learn more!



To move your books, use boxes that are clean, sturdy, and relatively shallow (remember, if the box is too large, it will weigh a ton when loaded up!)

•    Place books flat inside in short stacks, larger items on the bottom
•    If possible, it is fine to stack books upright inside the box as if they were on a shelf
•    Although not best for long-term storage, it is generally fine for short moves to pack books spine down
•    Packing books fore-edge down can be problematic because the weight of the pages may pull the text block away from the covers. Remember to draw a “this way up” arrow on the outside of the box.
•    As much as possible, try to fill up the box to immobilize the materials inside
•    Tuck crumpled newspaper (or even your socks) in open spaces to keep smaller books from shifting around
•    Write HEAVY on the outside to save your back

Do you have any delicate books or books with decorative covers? Such as photo albums or scrap books? If so, you might do best to pack those separately in smaller boxes.

Do you have damaged books with loose or detached covers? You can immobilize the breaks by tying string around the book to hold the cover in place.

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Yerkes Observatory Archives at Library

The University of Chicago Library Special Collections Research Center has completed the transfer of more than 500 linear feet of historical records from Yerkes Observatory in Williams Bay, Wisconsin.   The Library has also launched an initiative to digitize 2,000 glass-plate photographs from Yerkes which is being generously funded by the John Crerar Foundation.

For more details on the Yerkes archives and the digitization of the glass-plate photographs, visit the Special Collections Research Center blog posting at:

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