Economist article highlights debate over value of economics blogs

A piece about the role of blogs in shaping economics dialogs appears in the December 31st issue of The Economist.  The authors relay a positive take on the growth of discourse resulting from increased economics blogging, but also lay out some broad dangers inherent in this relatively new model of participation.  The article includes a couple of examples of theories that have benefited from increased exposure on blogs (the Austrian theory of the business cycle and the move to restore “nominal” GDP).

The article can be accessed through the Library’s website:

Marginal revolutionaries. (2011). Economist, 401(8765), 51-54. Retrieved from

Additional reading about economics blogs:

McKenzie, D., & Özler, B. (2011). The Impact of Economics Blogs. (CEPR Discussion Paper no. 8558.) Centre for Economic Policy Research. Retrieved from

Mixon, F. G., & Upadhyaya, K. P. (2010). Blogometrics. Eastern Economic Journal, 36(1), 1-10. Retrieved from

Authored by Laura Pett, Regenstein Reference Intern

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