Statista now available

The Library is now providing access to Statista, a source of data and statistics. Statista gathers data from a wide variety of government and commercial sources and presents it in an easy to search interface. Data can be exported to Excel and charts can be exported as picture files or directly into PowerPoint.

Statista also includes market research reports on selected industries. Look for the Search Filter on the results page and limit to Studies and Reports to access these quickly. You can also find reports related to your data at the bottom of the page.

Statista has a great deal of data on social media and Internet usage that can be hard to find in other sources. We like it for quick economic data, such as GDP or consumer prices. We also like the wide variety of reports and data available, such as data from the 2011 Brewer’s Almanac or the State of the Industry Almanac, which covers the US grocery market.

Access Statista here

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