LibX 2.0 is now available

An updated version of LibX has been released. LibX is a search add-on for Chrome and Firefox. It allows you to search Lens, the Library Catalog, the Ejournals Database or Articles Plus, simply by clicking a button on your browser’s toolbar. It can also be configured to search these tools through your browser’s context menu.

A new feature of LibX 2.0 is a link from the New York Times web site to our LexisNexis subscription. LibX recognizes when you are on a page on the New York Times web site and provides a link to read the article in LexisNexis.

LibX also works with other web sites to provide links to the Library. Books on will display an icon that allows you to search for a book in the Library Catalog. ISBNs will show brief information about a book and also allow you to search for the book in the Library Catalog.

Go to the LibX download page to get the add-on. You can try the add-on out before installing it by clicking on the Demo tab on the download page.

More information can be found on our LibX Guide.

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