Library offering $10 gift card for student input on future catalog

The UChicago Library seeks current students willing to participate in a session to test a design for a future catalog. The activity will take no more than 60 minutes, and participants will receive an gift card with a value of $10. Sessions will be held at Regenstein Library.

If interested, please contact David Bietila, Web Program Director, at Please mention:

1) Your name.

2) Your status (undergraduate or graduate) and department or major. If you are an undergraduate, please indicate your year.

3) Please indicate at least two times during regular business hours on the following days when you would be available to attend:

Thursday, Nov. 8
Friday, Nov. 9
Monday, Nov. 12
Tuesday, Nov. 13

We may only accept participants who are age eighteen and up, are not currently employed by the Library, and have a valid social security number that can be provided for compliance with University policies.

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