Research Computing Center hosts the “Show and Tell: Visualizing the Life of the Mind” seminar series

On November 19 at 3:00pm Gordon Kindleman, Assistant Professor, Computer Science, will speak at Crerar Library in the Kathleen Zar Room. The lecture, entitled Ways of Seeing Data: A Survey of Fields of Visualization is part of the Research Computing Center’s Show and Tell: Visualizing the Life of the Mind lecture series.

More information about this lecture and lecture series is available here.

Description: The expanding variety, quantity, and availability of digital data is accelerating research in visualization, the study of visually representing and exploring digital information. Different sub-disciplines of visualization have traditionally been termed “scientific visualization” and “information visualization”, though the recent trend is towards a more inclusive “data visualization”. This talk will survey the different areas of visualization research, with an emphasis on understanding the fundamental structure of the underlying information, and the visual or geometric vocabulary that is used for for its representation. The goal is to strengthen the audience’s ability to evaluate and critique visualizations, and to inspire interest in developing the next generation of visualization methods.

Gordon Kindlmann, Assistant Professor, Computer Science, University of Chicago



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