Ebook Platforms: Ebrary and Ebscohost

Many of the newest titles available in the library are now in ebook format.  The books are findable through the Library catalog search interface Lens.  The two most common interfaces on which the books are displayed are the Ebrary and Ebscohost platforms. These two offer similar functionality, but there are some differences in features available.


The Ebrary platform offers users who create an account the ability to save highlighted text and notes.  Some Ebrary books are available for 7-14 day download.  You can install Adobe Digital Editions Software to view them on an Ereader.  Ebrary also offers an app for both Apple and Android Devices. Users can print a maximum of 60 pages per title, per user session.

Ebrary Platform


The Ebscohost platform offers some similar features to Ebrary. Users who create an account have the ability to add notes to text and view them in their MyEbscohost folder. Ebscohost, like Ebrary offers the ability to print up to 60 pages of text per title, per user session. Ebscohost does offer a mobile version of their platform however it is not possible to download the full book to a separate reader.

Ebscohost platform

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