Rejuvenating the First Floor of Crerar

Rich granite, glimmering glass and bright oak furniture have helped create a warm, comfortable research, study and teaching space in the Crerar Library since the building opened in 1984.   They have all stood the test of time in both form and function; however the same cannot be said for the salmon colored carpet that had, at one time, given Crerar a wonderful splash of color. Worn and discolored, the carpet was replaced this summer with a warm wheat/wood toned carpet that brightens the space and gives the first floor a beautiful sense of renewal.

Old carpet removed

We not only got a new carpet, but an opportunity to reorganize the first floor specifically the location of the reference material, current journals, new books and journal display, comfortable seating and computer workstations. 


 With subject specialists purchasing a large number of journals electronically we were able to consolidate the print current journal collection.  This allowed us to move the reference collection to join the current journals on the east side of the floor.   All indexes and abstracts, such as Chemical Abstracts and Index Medicus, were moved to the upper and lower floors, and the book stacks on the west side were removed entirely. 

New carpet

The comfortable furniture has been moved to the northeast side of the building, which embeds it in the stack area and the library computer workstations were put back in their same location. IT Services removed their computers and relocated them in other buildings.

If you have not had an opportunity to come and see the first floor we hope you come in soon!

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