Resources for preparing for Law School exams

The Law Library provides a variety of resources to help Law School students prepare for exams.

Past exams: Perhaps most importantly, the Library provides copies of past exams given at the Law School, in addition to model student answers and memos written by the professors where available. The exams are organized by course and faculty member. Everything we have been given permission to post is available on the Library website.

Study Supplements: Another helpful resource for preparing student outlines and studying for exams are the many study supplements, including the popular Examples & Explanations and Understanding series, that are available in the Reserve Room. Our Hornbooks & Study Supplements page provides lists of the available study supplements by course name.

CALI Lessons: If you prefer something online or more interactive, CALI lessons might be the resource for you. The Law Library’s subscription to CALI, the Center for Computer-Assisted Legal Instruction, provides UofC law students with access to nearly 1,000 internet-based lessons on different legal topics. Lessons range from core 1L courses (102 lessons on contracts, for example) to many different 2L/3L courses. CALI lessons are often interactive and feature questions to test your knowledge as you go through them. If you have not already registered an account with CALI, you will need to Ask a Law Librarian for the authorization code for the Law School.

Conference Rooms: If you want to meet with a study group, the D’Angelo Law Library has seven conference rooms that can be reserved online: two conference rooms on each of the 4th, 5th and 6th floors, and one conference room on the second floor. Law students may reserve use of a conference room using the Law School’s room reservation system

Silence: Finally, in order to help students concentrate on preparing for finals, we offer free earplugs at the Circulation Desk.


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