Introduction to Debugging and Optimization on Midway Tuesday May 14, 1-3pm

Dr. Douglas Rudd will be presenting Introduction to Debugging and Optimization on Midway on Tuesday May 14th from 1pm to 3pm in the Crerar Library Kathleen Zar Room of the John Crerar Library.

This workshop will give a brief introduction to the available tools for code debugging and profiling on the RCC cluster Midway. General techniques  for identifying common bugs and areas causing incorrect results or poor performance will be discussed. The tutorial will begin by identifying common errors using a combination of compiler options, debuggers, and the Valgrind analysis tool. This will be followed by an introduction to techniques of code profiling including gprof, higher-level profiling tools, and hardware performance counters. This course will give examples for serial, OpenMP shared memory, and MPI parallel codes.

Familiarity with C, C++, or Fortran required.



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