“Parallel Programming Using MPI” workshop May 21, 1-3PM

Workshop led by Dr. Birali Runesha in the John Crerar Library’s  Kathleen A. Zar Room on Tuesday, May 21 from 1:00-3:00 PM

This hands-on workshop will provide a basic introduction to parallel programming using the MPI message passing library. It will give participants a working knowledge of a subset of the MPI library allowing them to immediately begin writing effective parallel programs. 

The tutorial will begin with an introduction, background, and basic information for getting started with MPI. This will be followed by a detailed look at the MPI routines that are most useful for new MPI programmers, including MPI environment management, point-to-point communications, and collective communications routines. Examples and hands-on exercises will be provided in C and Fortran.

– Attendees are encouraged to bring a laptop to participate in the hands-on session
– Familiarity with the C or Fortran programming languages 

REGISTER: https://training.uchicago.edu/course_detail.cfm?course_id=1252 

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