Lecture on visual representations of scientific data and concepts Oct. 31 at 3:00 pm

poster for Felice Frankel talkMake Me Look!

Felice Frankel, Research Scientist, School of Science, MIT

October 31, 2013, 3:00pm-4:30pm

Kathleen A. Zar Room, John Crerar Library


Graphics, images and figures – visual representations of scientific data and concepts – are critical components of science and engineering research. They communicate in ways that words cannot. They can clarify or strengthen and argument and spur interest into the research process. 

But it is important to remember that a visual representation of a scientific concept or data is a representation and not the thing itself – some interpretation or translation is always involved. Just as writing a journal article, you must carefully plan what to “say,” and in what order you will “say it.” The process of making a visual representation requires you to clarify your thinking and improve your ability to communicate with others. 

Communication, however, is a two-way enterprise. The viewer must first choose to look. This talk will include examples of my own attempts at creating various representations, some more successful than others. I will discuss the process of getting from “here” to “there,” in order to create representations that are more than good enough.

For event details please see the University calendar event here

Contact RCC at info@rcc.uchicago.edu if your departmental office is interested in having a modified digital copy or a print copy of either of these flyers for display. 

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