Zar Symposium on Data – Call for Proposals

“Data: Collecting, Using, Managing”
3rd Biennial Kathleen A. Zar Symposium
April 25, 2014
The John Crerar Library
The University of Chicago

Data is captured by computers and instruments on a continual basis, flooding researchers in images, video, audio, logs, simulations, and more. This data is crucial to research, teaching and learning at academic institutions around the world. Understanding the impact of data on researchers, libraries and institutions as a whole is critical to achieving long-term data preservation, appropriate sharing among communities, and enabling transformative new science. This symposium will provide participants with an understanding of how data is used in real world applications, as well as examples of collaborative efforts between institutions, groups or individuals specific to collection, use, access, preservation and overall management of data.

Call for Proposals

The organizers of the 3rd biennial Kathleen A. Zar Symposium, Data: Collecting, Using, Managing, to be held Friday, April 25, invite proposals for presentations that draw on your experience working with data in a collaborative environment.

Contributed presentations will provide examples of collaborative efforts between institutions, groups or individuals, with a focus on one or more of the following areas: collection, use, access, preservation and overall management of data. Practical, real use cases will be highlighted. Proposals selected for full oral presentations will be eligible for as travel stipend.

Proposals should be submitted to Barbara Kern via email at Please use “Zar Symposium” in the subject line. Proposals must include a title, author(s), and abstract (maximum 600 words). Presentations will be 30-45 minutes. The deadline for submission is February 21.

Please consider the following questions when preparing proposals:

* How was the data collaboration initiated, and why?

* What are the opportunities and challenges of the data collaboration?

* How are responsibilities determined and distributed?

* What kinds of tools and techniques may be used to facilitate the data collaboration? We are especially interested in a focus on remote partnerships.

The symposium organizers will also consider interactive alternatives to a traditional oral presentations.

The intended audience of the symposium includes all who are involved or interested in data management, with a focus on, but not limited to, academic institutions.

Registration Information:

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