Magazines in the Fulton Room: An Assessment

The D’Angelo Law Library subscribes to a number of periodicals for students to read that locate in the Fulton Room (at the west end of the 3rd floor). We are concerned that some of these periodicals have not found an audience. We want to be sure we are putting our efforts into titles that are valued and will be read.

Consequently, we are conducting an assessment activity. There is a clipboard in the Fulton Room. Please write on it the titles of magazines that you like having in the Fulton Room. Even one vote may save a title from cancellation! If there are magazines you’d like to see in the Fulton Room that are not there, we’d like to know that, too.

We are more confident about the newspapers than the magazines. You do not need to write in, e.g., the Wall Street Journal, or the Financial Times, to avoid their cancellation.

The ultimate goal of this effort is to have a smaller, but more active, collection of periodicals for your enjoyment. Help us achieve that goal! Thanks to those who have already written on the clipboard – we look forward to hearing from others.

About Margaret Schilt

Margaret Schilt, Associate Law Librarian for User Services, has been with the D'Angelo Law Library since 2000.
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