Problem with some ebook links in the Library Catalog

There is currently an issue with the Library Catalog which affects links for some ebooks. The books are available, but the links are not displayed in the Catalog. Systems staff are working to resolve this. There are two ways to get access, in most cases.

Access from campus

When you find a book in the Library Catalog without a link, click on Staff View in the full item record. This displays the formatted catalog data.

Catalog record with staff view highlighted.

Scroll to the bottom and find the line marked 856. The link to the e-book is there. Copy this text and paste it into your browser’s address bar. This link is not formatted for off-campus access, however.Link to e-book that's been highlighted

If you are not on campus, we recommend searching in the EBSCO eBook Collection to access your book, as described below. The ProxyIt! bookmarklet will not work for these titles.

Access from off-campus

Almost all of the titles affected by this issue are provided by EBSCO. Use the EBSCO eBook Collection to find your book.

Access the EBSCO eBook Collection here

Please Ask-a-Librarian if you need further assistance

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