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New online resource: Greenleaf Online Library

University of Chicago researchers now have access to Greenleaf Online Library.

Greenleaf Online Library crosses over all sectors of business with an emphasis on ‘green’ greenleafmanagement, ethical business and corporate social responsibility.  It contains approximately 4,000 items, including ebooks, case studies, research papers and journal articles.

Topics covered include:

  • Sustainability
  • Ethics
  • Innovation, enterprise and social enterprise
  • Environmental management
  • Industry sectors including extractives, fashion and textiles, banking and finance, transport, engineering, construction
  • Corporate governance
  • Responsible leadership
  • Social responsibility/business in society
  • Government, policy and compliance
  • Reporting and standards
  • Sustainability in Higher Education
  • Poverty
  • Gender and diversity
  • Responsible investment and finance, including microfinance

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New online resource: National Survey of State Laws

The National Survey of State Laws, by Richard Leiter (7th ed.) is now available as a database on Hein Online. For more than fifty topics, you get a synopsis of every state’s laws, presented as a table, with complete citations. Subjects run from family law to drug laws and minimum wage laws. You can customize the table to show only the states you are interested in, and also see the laws as they stood in 2008 and 2005. The print edition is on order.

Other handy sources of 50-state law summaries include the Subject Compilation of State Laws, which lists statute surveys that appear in law journals and legal treatises; Westlaw 50 State Statute Surveys, and LexisNexis 50 State Surveys: Statutes and Regulations.

TRIAL: Ravel Law Judge Analytics

Ravel Law is a relatively new legal research and analytics platform that recently announced a project with the Harvard Law School to digitize Harvard’s entire collection of U.S. case law and make the collection available online for free. In addition to providing access to case law, Ravel Law also features data visualization tools to help legal researchers analyze relationships among cases.

Through December 31, 2015, University of Chicago Law School users also have access to another Ravel tool called  Judge Analytics, which provides an overview of an individual judge’s entire career, showing every decision and every citation in a single location. Students interested in studying judicial behavior, as well as those considering clerkships and summer externships with judges, can take advantage of this tool to learn more about specific judges.

Judge Analytics uses citation information to show which cases, circuits, and judges a judge has cited most often. Users can use it determine when a judge may look to law from an unexpected jurisdiction, to see when a judge demonstrates historical patterns on a subject or procedure, or to see which cases, rules, and exact language a judge may prefer and uses often. Judge Analytics currently covers all Federal Supreme, Circuit, and District Court judges.

To access the Judge Analytics trial, go to to set up an account and then select “Judge Analytics” from the list of products.

Historic database on Chicago Police misconduct launched

The groundbreaking Citizens Police Data Project, launched yesterday by the Invisible Institute and the Law School’s Civil Rights and Police Accountability Clinic, is a searchable database that contains more than 56,000 complaints filed against more than 8,500 Chicago police officers between 2001 and September of this year. There are gaps in that 14-year period, but the database has every allegation of misconduct made against an officer between March 2011 and this September.

This data set is based on requests made under the Freedom of Information Act which became public information in 2014, when the Clinic won the landmark Illinois appellate case Kalven v. City of Chicago, 7 N.E.3d 741 (Ill. App. Ct. 2014). The database offers a variety of tools for sorting, filtering, and mapping the data. Each record contains information about the complaint and its outcome; the accused officer, including the officer’s name, race, age, gender, and unit of assignment; demographic information on the complainant, including race, age, and gender; and geographic information on where the incident occurred.

For related information on the topic, see the D’Angelo Law Library’s Civil Rights and Police Accountability research guide.

New online resource: IBISWorld

University of Chicago researchers now have access to IBISWorld.

IBISWorldIBISWorld is a database that provides comprehensive industry reports for over 700 industries ranging from biotechnology to pawn shops.  These reports provide strategic insight and analysis which can be used to gain a better understanding of market conditions and forecasts, industry supply chain, and competitive landscape.

The reports include breakdowns of industry performance, outlook, products and markets, major competitors and operation conditions.  In addition to being able to download the complete report, key statistics can be downloaded to excel and specific infographics can be downloaded and inserted into your own reports and presentations.  

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New online resource: ProQuest Legislative Insight

We are happy to announce that the Library now has access to ProQuest Legislative Insight, a research tool for federal legislative history research. It brings together various legislative history documents for federal laws passed since 1929, including the public law, all bill versions, floor debate from the Congressional Record, committee reports, committee hearings, presidential signing statements, CRS reports, and other miscellaneous congressional publications. All documents are full-text, searchable PDFs. In addition to searching by keyword and popular name, users can search Legislative Insight by Public Law Number, Statutes at Large citation, or enacted bill number.

Once you select the appropriate law, you can keyword search within the full text of all the related documents to find specific words or phrases. Search results can be displayed by publication type or by date. Legislative Insight also includes the Legislative Process outline, which allows you to choose only those documents created during a given phase of the legislative process. trial

The Library has a trial of, a legal news service. features news on Class Actions, Product Liability, Corporate and Securities, Appellate Practice, Intellectual Property, and Labor & Employment law, plus all the news from the American Lawyer, the National Law Journal, the New York Law Journal, the Recorder, and other legal newspapers and magazines from American Lawyer Media

The trial lasts until May 16, 2015.  The free app for iPhone and iPad lets you save stories to read offline, and set up and manage news alerts. 


International Monetary Fund data now freely available

The International Monetary Fund recently announced that all of their data sets are now free to everyone. Previously, IMF data were only available through Library subscriptions. The subscription interface is still available, but will be discontinued in the near future. The new open platform allows registered users to download entire data sets in addition to data query results.

Access the new data portal at

Extensive help files are available at

If you created an account on the old system, your login credentials should work at the new site. Saved data queries will not be transferred, however.

New Westlaw OnePass security requirements

Earlier this month, all Westlaw users should have received an email informing them that they need to update their OnePass password. The password updates are to ensure security and privacy. You may change your password at any time, but if you do not change your password by February 1, you will be prompted to change your password when you log in and will not be able to access Westlaw until you do.  

To get started, follow the steps below:

1. Within or TWEN, click on your name in the top right corner and select Manage Account.

Screenshot of Manage Account screen

2. Click on Manage OnePass Profile.

*If a new page does not display, check your pop-up blocker. 

3. Scroll down to the password section, enter a new password and confirm it.

4. Click on Save.

If you run into trouble during the process, contact the Westlaw technical support line at 1-800-934-9378. Reference “OnePass” when prompted.

Further information is also available at:

UChicago users now have access to

University of Chicago users now have access to the popular legal news service Law360 through the platform. Law360 publishes breaking news and analysis with a focus on major litigation across more than 35 practice areas. This content is read by over 100,000 law firm and business professionals, including litigators, corporate counsel, and transactional attorneys. Law360 content has been available in the Legal News section within Lexis Advance since earlier this year, but now UChicago users can take advantage of all of the features of the platform, including signing up for email newsletters in specific practice areas, industries, and jurisdictions. To sign up for Law360 newsletters, click in the upper right hand corner where it says, “University of Chicago Law S…” and then enter your email address and select the newsletter(s) you wish to receive.

Screenshot of Law360 front page