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Pottery, Circa 1900. Frederick Starr. Papers.

Researching Mexico: University of Chicago Field Explorations in Mexico, 1896-2014

University of Chicago scholars have traveled to Mexico since the late 19th century, pursuing research subjects ranging from archival investigation of revolutionary leaders, to documentation of indigenous communities and languages, to the search for the cause of a deadly strain of typhus. Drawn from the holdings of the Special Collections Research Center, including the papers of Friedrich Katz, Robert Redfield, Norman McQuown, Manning Nash, Howard T. Ricketts, Sol Tax, Frederick Starr, and others, this exhibit presents correspondence, diaries, photographs, sketches, recordings and objects generated and collected by these scholars in the field, as well as holdings from the Rare Books and Manuscripts collections that continue to support study of Mexican history and culture. Continue reading »

Imaging Imagining exhibition - 3 images of hands

Imaging/Imagining the Human Body

“Imaging/Imagining the Human Body in Anatomical Representation,” a multi-venue exhibition curated by two physicians at the University of Chicago, explores the history of anatomical representation and the evolving relationship between the arts and medical science. On view through June 20. Continue reading »

Homer in Print

Homer in Print: Transmission and Reception

For nearly 3,000 years, the Homeric epics have been among the best-known texts of Western civilization. The exhibition “Homer in Print” illustrates what we can learn when we look beyond the stories to ask what sources went into shaping a particular edition or how the multitude of English translations differ from each other. Continue reading »

Race and the Design of American Life: African Americans in Twentieth-Century Commercial Art

Exhibition Dates: October 14, 2013 – January 4, 2014
Images of African Americans have outfitted myriad mass-produced consumer goods in the twentieth century, from Aunt Jemima’s pancakes to the Air Jordan basketball shoe. Drawing from collections of food packaging, print advertisements, children’s books, album covers, and toys, this exhibit traces the vexed history of racial design, from stark racist caricature to the productions of black-owned advertising firms. Continue reading »

Parasol from the 1933 Century of Progress

Souvenirs! Get Your Souvenirs! Chicago Mementos and Memorabilia

Exhibition: Souvenirs! Get Your Souvenirs! Chicago Mementos and Memorabilia
Dates: July 22 – October 5, 2013 Continue reading »

‘The Chicagoan’ website media kit

The Chicagoan—a Jazz Age magazine fashioned after The New Yorker—entered a new era this week as the University of Chicago Library launched a website that makes digitized copies of nearly every issue available online for the first time. Thanks to … Continue reading »

The iconic green and red spines of the Loeb Classical Library

The Seminary Co-op Documentary Project: Capturing the Bookstore’s Distinctive Character and History

Exhibition Dates: April 22 – July 13, 2013
Celebrating over 50 years at the center of the University of Chicago’s and Hyde Park’s intellectual and cultural life, the renowned Seminary Co-op Bookstore has moved up from its legendary basement location and into a newly transformed space designed by Chicago Architects Stanley Tigerman and Margaret McCurry. Curators Jasmine Kwong and Megan E. Doherty present their documentation of the Co-op’s history through a selection of photography, interviews, artifacts and memorabilia. Continue reading »

Recipes for Domesticity: Cookery, Household Management, and the Notion of Expertise

Exhibition Dates: April 22 – July 13, 2013
How does one roast a fawn or properly set a dinner table for twelve? For centuries, people have been documenting and decoding the vast array of knowledge associated with domestic life, assembling cooking and household guides to assist with the tasks of daily living. Not merely collections of recipes and how-to instructions, these guides also document cultural patterns and give insight into the development of modern-day kitchen and cooking practices. This exhibition, drawn primarily from the Rare Books Collection, provides a sampling of European and American cookbooks and domestic manuals from court chefs of the 15th century to cooking icons of the 20th century. Continue reading »

The Fish and the Monkey

My Life is an Open Book: D.I.Y. Autobiography

Exhibition: My Life is an Open Book: D.I.Y. Autobiography
Dates: January 14 – April 13, 2013 Continue reading »

Liber Psalmorum, Medieval Bible in Latin and German

Swiss Treasures: From Biblical Papyrus and Parchment to Erasmus, Zwingli, Calvin, and Barth

Exhibition Dates: September 21 – December 14, 2012 Situated in the heart of Europe, Switzerland has long been a center for Biblical studies and transformative contributions to Judeo-Christian culture. This exhibition explores the importance of Swiss religious influences across a … Continue reading »