Book a Room Service at Crerar

photo of a group study in Crerar Library

One of the many group studies bookable by groups using the new Book a Room system.

This past January, the Library launched a “Book a Room” service, which allows faculty, students and staff to book meeting and study rooms in the Library.   The online reservation system provides an overview of all available spaces and allows users to reserve a room with a few clicks.

In the Crerar Library, there are 7 study rooms that are available, four of which have a pull down projection screen.  A projector can be checked out from the circulation desk.  The largest room (320 B) can accommodate up to 12 individuals, while all rooms seat at least 6.

Since we began offering the service, 390 groups have booked space in Crerar for a total of 71 days, 7 hours, and 47 minutes across all study rooms.  Book a Room allows groups to name themselves for easy identification, and while most are either straightforward or completely obscure about their purpose, we’ve hosted a few with more creative group names.  Animals seem to be popular, as we’ve seen Tigers, Two Frogs, and Desert Foxes.  Other groups have been more frank about their work, such as O-Chem Death, Why Did We Write BAs?!, and Thesis Woes.  

This is a pilot, and the service will be reviewed to ensure that it is meeting the needs of faculty, students and staff.

More information is available at: including policies on room use.

 If you have used the service, we would like to hear your feedback.  Please use our form – – or contact Barb Kern at or 702-8717.


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