Database Spotlight: Web of Science

Web of Science is database that searches and offers a comprehensive interdisciplinary collection of journal articles. Its coverage includes all areas of science and technology, social science and arts and humanities. Because of this, it is a great place to begin research on interdisciplinary topics in the sciences.

Special features of Web of Science include:

 Cited Reference Searching

Cited reference searching allows you to find articles that have cited a previously published work. It is a great way to find related articles on your research topic and trace how the topic has been expanded on and improved over time.

Cited references are sorted alphabetically by cited author. References containing the same cited author are sorted alphabetically by cited work. References with the same cited author and cited work are sorted in reverse chronological order by cited year.

Web of Science also offers a tutorial: “What is Cited Reference Searching”. 

cited reference searching

Cited reference searching interface

 Analyzing Large Result Sets

 Web of Science also allows users to analyze large result sets (up to 500 results) by categories such as author, research area, source title and publication year. This feature offers a great way to see which journals publish on a topic, who has worked with other authors and which agencies fund work in a particular area. analyze results

Analyze results button

 analyze results

Results when analyzed by author


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